Ubuntu Music Project
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Our Mission

Empowering young leaders through music to transform their communities and world.

We provide music education that empowers students to explore their gifts and talents, paving a way for strength through knowledge. When students feel a sense of belonging, they believe in themselves, and are able to achieve great things, transforming their communities and world.

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After-school programs with an emphasis in music education have been proven to not only improve children’s academic achievements, but have also been shown to improve students’ health, safety, social and emotional well-being, bolstering students for lifelong success. Ubuntu Music Project creates these positive outcomes for underserved students. 


What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an African Bantu principle of the interconnectedness of all people. In it's most literal form it means "human-ness," often expressed as "I am because we are." Through Ubuntu communities come together, lift up one another, and create life-changing opportunities for young musicians.

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"Ubuntu means to be friendly and nice to each other."

-Ramón, grade 3



As both learners and teachers, our students are empowered for peer-to-peer mentoring. This model has been so successful that our middle school program graduates regularly come to mentor younger students, receive lessons, and perform in our concerts.   

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